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'Dead mechanic' certifies 1,600 cars safe to drive in Naples

Police uncover city-wide fraud among drivers and garages

18 February, 14:32
'Dead mechanic' certifies 1,600 cars safe to drive in Naples (ANSA) - Naples, February 18 - Police in Naples on Tuesday cited a vehicle-registration garage for allegedly forging the signature 1,600 times of an authorized mechanic who had died nine months ago. The bust came in a month-long, province-wide dragnet targeting unsafe cars on the road. The dead mechanic had reportedly been the only person at the center certified to clear vehicles for biennial road-worthiness reports required by the government. Police said the vehicles were not being properly checked, and cited several other garages for using software to automatically generate a clean bill of health for cars that had not been brought into the shop. In total, police said roughly half of cars on the road in and around Naples have not been properly checked since before 2001. Some 2,561 cars of the 6,800 checked were uninsured.

A total of three million euros in fines were issued.