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Daughter of convicted Palermo boss repudiates mafia roots

Giovanna Galatolo says father gave orders from jail

13 February, 16:52
Daughter of convicted Palermo boss repudiates mafia roots (ANSA) - Rome, February 13 - The daughter of a former Sicilian Cosa Nostra boss on Thursday rejected her mafia roots and decided to collaborate with the judiciary in what a member of the Senate's anti-mafia commission described as an example to be followed. "I no longer want to be part of the Mafia, why should I? Just because my father is a Mafia boss?" said Giovanna Galatolo, daughter of the former head of Palermo's Acquasanta mafia clan, Enzo Galatolo, who is serving a life sentence for the 1982 assassination of army General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa in Palermo.

"No, I'm not having it. I want to devote myself entirely to my daughter," she told prosecutors in the trial of Angelo Galatolo and Franco Mineo, a former member of Sicily's regional parliament.

Mineo faces various charges in connection with his alleged role as frontman for Galatolo in exchange for votes. Giovanna also told investigators her father ran the clan from prison.

"He used conventional signs to tell us what we had to do," she said. Her decision to act as a police informant was hailed by Democratic Party (PD) Senator Giuseppe Lumia, a member of the Senate's anti-mafia commission. "Mafia women follow the example of Carmela Iuculano, Giusy Vitale and now Giovanna Galatolo," he said.

"To repudiate their mafia membership means to become free women. A mass defection by women could do unquantifiable damage to the Cosa Nostra".