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Boulder crashes onto Capri road

No one hurt

05 February, 14:09
Boulder crashes onto Capri road (ANSA) - Capri, February 5 - A large boulder crashed onto the main road on the Naples Bay island of Capri Tuesday night but no one was hurt.

The rock, loosened by recent torrential rain, hurtled onto the island's main road, between Capri and Anacapri.

Motorists who saw the rock coming down the hill said they feared it might hit them.

Anacapri (the Greek prefix 'ana' meaning higher), once a haunt of French composer Claude Debussy, is uphill from the more famous town of Capri to the east of the island.

Capri is famous for sights like the Blue Grotto, the Faraglioni crags and Imperial Roman villas built by Tiberius and Commodus, who banished his sister there.

Maxim Gorky, Norman Douglas, Friedrich Krupp and Gracie Fields had villas there, and Mariah Carey has one today.