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De Blasio avoids eating pizza 'Italian way' on Daily Show

New York mayor goaded into eating with his hands

04 February, 20:12
De Blasio avoids eating pizza 'Italian way' on Daily Show (ANSA) - New York, February 4 - New York Mayor Bill de Blasio broke with his Italian roots - and the Italian practice of eating pizza with utensils - to instead eat a slice with his hands during a popular late-night television program in the United States.

The mayor's appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Monday was his first on the late-night circuit and comes a month after he was sworn in as city chief. Pizza was at the center of the discussion with Stewart, who urged de Blasio to eat his pizza the "right way", adding that a "man of the people" should eat like one. De Blasio instead pulled a fork and knife out of his jacket, saying that this was how his Italian ancestors had always eaten it. After boos from the studio audience, de Blasio relented, grabbing a slice to eat it with his hands. His fork - used by de Blasio to eat pizza in a Staten Island pizzeria, sparking a controversy - will be auctioned off for charity. Proceeds will go to Sandy Relief, a fund for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.