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Son of Belforte crime boss among four Camorra arrests

Heir apparent cuffed for illegal arms, racketeering

31 January, 13:07
Son of Belforte crime boss among four Camorra arrests (ANSA) - Naples, January 31 - Police on Friday arrested the son and presumed successor of a Camorra mafia boss in a dawn raid in the outskirts of Caserta, a city north of Naples.

Camillo Belforte, the son of the Belforte clan boss Salvatore Belforte, was among four handcuffed by paramilitary Carabinieri police in the operation. The suspects are accused of mafia racketeering as well as illegal possession and sale of arms and explosives.

The arrests were made as an extension of an investigation into the gang that operates in the Marcianese area of the periphery of Caserta.

In recent months, a businessman, a regional councilor and a number of public health officials also have been arrested in the continuing probe, and accused of acting as dummy owners of mafia investments. Police at the time seized 30 million euros in assets as well as pistols, a machinegun and a hand grenade.