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Napolitano used by foreign powers, claims M5S

Opposition politicians complain of influences on president

29 January, 15:18
Napolitano used by foreign powers, claims M5S (ANSA) - Rome, January 29 - President Giorgio Napolitano has been manipulated by foreign powers for their benefit and not the good of the Italian people, the leader of the maverick 5-Star Movement (M5S) said Wednesday.

The M5S has taken to blaming Napolitano for all that it sees wrong in the way government operates in Italy, including opposition to a plan now before Premier Enrico Letta's administration to sell off 100 billion euros in gold reserves to help ease Italy's economic woes. Along with other opposition parties, the M5S is working to filibuster the decree, which passed a confidence vote on Friday and faces one last vote, expected Wednesday, to become definitive.

"Napolitano is not without error which invalidates the credibility and trust of citizens (in him)," complained M5S leader Beppe Grillo on his blog.

His anti-establishment party has been calling for the president's impeachment.

"These errors cannot be allowed, in particular when they represent (our) subjection to foreign powers, heavy interference on the government, concealing (of) judicial sources," added Grillo.

The M5S complained Napolitano has too much power and he wields it "with an iron fist" over institutions. House Speaker Laura Boldrini, of the center-left Democratic Party(PD), is ready to bring the bill to a vote, where it is likely to pass, before each MP has a chance to speak, thus forcing an end to the filibuster. The anti-establishment party has increasingly held Napolitano, the first president in history elected to a second term, responsible for the country's problems since the start of the euro crisis, vowing to impeach him. Letta and other politicians have defended Napolitano from the M5S attacks that have included throwing one of the worst insults in Italian at president, calling him a "boia" or executioner for not intervening in the gold sale.