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Kyenge to submit anti-discrimination bill

'Increases options for victims, wipes out Fascist-era laws'

28 January, 16:59
Kyenge to submit anti-discrimination bill (ANSA) - Rome, January 28 - Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge told ANSA on Thursday she has prepared a bill "to amend or repeal discriminatory laws" in Italy. A favorite target of the anti-immigrant Northern League, Italy's first black minister said the bill addresses discriminatory laws dating back to Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. The bill will soon be presented before the cabinet, she said. In particular, the bill would "permanently delete any reference in legal codes to the Italian National Fascist Party, or the Italian Fascist Youth, as well as to membership of the Aryan race," she said. "It will also recognize the right of a group to be heard before a court in cases of group discrimination against foreigners, including for racial, ethnic national or religious reasons. In this way there will be more defense options against abuse," she said. The integration minister also said the bill has special provisions for defending women.