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Social security agency director under fraud investigation

Labor union demands resignation

27 January, 14:06
Social security agency director under fraud investigation (ANSA) - Rome, January 27 - Italy's largest union CGIL on Monday called for the head of Italy's social security agency INPS to resign after he was placed under investigation for involvement in allegedly rigging medical records and inflating invoices to the tune of 85 million euros. "INPS President Antonio Mastrapasqua should take a step back and tender his resignation for these acts he's involved in," said Carla Cantone, head of pensions at CGIL. "Being president at INPS is a role of fundamental importance, and he who holds it should be above any suspicion". According to Italian media, Mastrapasqua is involved in a probe into 14 million euros in unjustified refunds requested from the Lazio region around Rome, and another 71 million euros in money gained thanks to an "unfair advantage" from the Israelitico Hospital in Rome, where he was general manager from 2011 to 2013.