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Mafia boss Riina gloats over slain judges, plots murders

Riina heard planning hit on prosecutor Nino Di Matteo

20 January, 20:05
Mafia boss Riina gloats over slain judges, plots murders (ANSA) - Palermo, January 20 - Prosecutors on Monday entered into trial evidence wiretaps of prison conversations between former Cosa Nostra Mafia boss Toto' Riina and another jailed mobster, in which the so-called ''boss of bosses'' gloats over past murders and plots future ones.

The conversations held in November last year between Riina and boss Alberto Lorusso from the Puglia-based Sacra Corona Unita mafia were entered into evidence for an ongoing Palermo trial into alleged secret negotiations between the Italian State and the Mafia two decades ago.

Riina, known as The Beast, is in maximum security prison in Milan for crimes including ordering the 1992-1993 slayings of anti-mafia prosecutors Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, and is watching the trial on video.

The Falcone and Borsellino murders were among the crimes that allegedly induced the State to enter into secret talks with Cosa Nostra in a bid to stop attacks after a long campaign of violence that included blowing judges and prosecutors up with carbombs.

''We must take measures for you people. Ones that will make you dance the samba'', Riina said of the trial judges in a wiretapped November 16 chat with Lorusso.

''Let's organize this thing. Let's make it real big'', he adds about deputy prosecutor Nino Di Matteo. ''Because Di Matteo is not leaving. They just gave him more bodyguards. So if possible, an execution like back in the day in Palermo....this prosecutor and this trial are driving me crazy''.

Riina goes on to gloat over the July 29, 1983, carbombing murder of prosecuting magistrate Rocco Chinnici, who created the Antimafia Pool, laying the groundwork for the Maxi Trial against the Sicilian Mafia in 1986, and who frequently spoke out against the Mafia in schools and public appearances and at a time when judges had avoided the word for many years.

Riina watched the explosion from afar, and saw the magistrate's body fly into the air and fall to the ground.

''I had fun thinking about that for a couple of years at least. I messed him up good'', Riina said.

He also indulged in slinging vitriol at new Cosa Nostra leader Matteo Messina Denaro, also known as Diabolik, who is known to launder his ill-gotten gains - billions of which have been seized by police in recent years - through solar and wind energy investments.

''I hate to say this, but this Mr. Messina Denaro, this fugitive who acts like he's the boss, doesn't give a toss about us. He dabbles in streetlights, but he'd look a whole lot better if he shone a light up his a**''.