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Ryanair to cancel flights between Milan and Rome

High-speed rail link beats low-cost flights

17 January, 15:16
Ryanair to cancel flights between Milan and Rome (ANSA) - Bergamo, January 17 - Discount airline Ryanair is cancelling service between Milan and Rome due to increasing competition from high-speed rail, sources close to the matter told ANSA on Friday.

Starting in April, Ryanair will no longer fly from its Milan hub, the Orio al Serio airport in Bergamo, to Rome's Ciampino airport.

The last day in which service between the two airports will be guaranteed is March 29. Ryanair's intention to move flights from Rome's Ciampino airport to the Fiumicino airport initially was thought to be due to technical issues, but no connecting flights have been scheduled for the summer between Milan and the Italian capital, the source said. It turns out that managers of the Irish airline are no longer convinced the Milan-Rome connection is economically strategic, given the growing tendency of passengers to book tickets on the high-speed rail connection between the two cities, the source added.

Neither Ryanair nor Sacbo, the company that manages the airline's Orio al Serio hub, would comment.