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Gang of Latin American jewelry thieves busted in Italy

'Behind 2mn-euro Milan heist, others throughout Europe'

02 January, 13:03
Gang of Latin American jewelry thieves busted in Italy (ANSA) - Novara, January 2 - Police in northern Italy on Thursday said they busted a Latin American gang of jewelry thieves who stole a total of 10 million euros from across Europe in the past year alone. Police from Novara, west of Milan, were executing warrants for suspects from Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico. Police said the suspects had performed lucrative robberies throughout all of Italy, as well as in Austria, Belgium and Norway. Among them was a two-million-euro heist from the Milan jewelry store "Buccellati" in May, 2012. Their method was nonviolent, police said, using groups of 10-15 people to distract shopkeepers while slipping out with the loot undetected. A 53-year-old Venezuelan woman is said to be the head of the gang. She is still on the loose.