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Prosecco production outpaces Champagne in volume

330 million bottles of prosecco vs. 300 million of champagne

27 December, 19:25
Prosecco production outpaces Champagne in volume (ANSA) - Milan, December 27 - Wine production of the popular Italian bubbly Prosecco beat out French Champagne, consortiums for the two sparkling wines reported on Friday.

A growing global thirst for Prosecco prompted makers to produce 330 million bottles in 2013 compared to French producers' 300 million bottles of Champagne.

"It is a trend that is growing stronger; and Italian bubbly in general sold twice as much as Champagne in China during the first six months of the year," commented Gianluca Bisol, who runs Prosecco-producer Bisol with his brother Desiderio.

Bisol's reference to sales success in China includes the many Italian sparkling wines in addition to Prosecco, which is made with the Charmat method in a specific region of northeastern Italy. Prosecco is a dry sparkling wine that is more economical than either Champagne or well-known classical method Italian rivals, like Franciacorta, largely because it undergoes secondary fermentation in stainless steel tanks rather than individual bottles, a less costly production process.