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German lab gives Campania mozzarella clean bill of health

Samples tested negative for brucellosis, dioxin, heavy metals

13 December, 15:38
German lab gives Campania mozzarella clean bill of health (ANSA) - Rome, December 13 - A German independent product testing lab on Friday said its tests on buffalo mozzarella samples from the southern Campania region came back negative for brucellosis, heavy metals, dioxin, and PCB plus dioxin.

"All 20 samples we tested in the past three weeks came back within the safety standards", said TUeV Lab spokesman Antonio Josè Via. "The sample with the highest dioxin content still only contained one-fifth of the legal limit". This came a day after police announced they seized 2,000 mozzarellas from Campania that were infected with brucellosis, a highly contagious disease, that had been labeled as safe for consumption.

The Campania region is the birthplace of the world-renowned buffalo mozzarella, but it is also afflicted with illegal dumps and uncontrolled burning of waste and other toxic materials that have been blamed for unusually high levels of cancer and other diseases linked to pollution.

In particular, the burning of toxic waste in the area between Naples and Caserta - dubbed the "Land of Fires" - has led to serious health warnings.