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Ice sculpture of Renzi planned at igloo voting office for PD

Democratic Party constructs special voting station in north

03 December, 13:39
Ice sculpture of Renzi planned at igloo voting office for PD (ANSA) - Milan, December 3 - Some northern voters in next week's Democratic Party (PD) primary will vote in an igloo under the frosty eye of an ice-sculpted image of front-runner Matteo Renzi, organizers of the event announced Tuesday.

Voters in the remote polling station of Ponte di Legno, 165 km north of Milan, will travel by cable car to cast their ballot in the igloo constructed from ice blocks on the Presena glacier in Valcamonica.

Besides the ice sculpture of Renzi, mayor of Florence, supporters of other candidates to become national PD party secretary have been invited to sculpt images of their nominees.

Organizers say 10 to 20 volunteers will work in the igloo polling station being constructed as a "political message" to the PD to remind the party of the wide differences between regions in Italy.

Renzi, heir-apparent to run the national party, has been campaigning hard and cultivating a high profile to remain well ahead of his two opponents, Gianni Cuperlo and Giuseppe Civati, before the December 8 vote.