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Autogrill extends Asia reach with Indonesia deal

Benetton-led group in $90-bn deal for 16 outlets in 3 airports

29 November, 10:34
Autogrill extends Asia reach with Indonesia deal (ANSA) - Milan, November 29 - Benetton's catering and retail giant extended Autogrill its reach in Asia Friday by landing its first three contracts in Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous country.

The northern-Italian-based multinational signed three five-year deals to run 16 outlets in the airports of Bali, Surabaya e Balikpapan. The activities will be run by Atg Indonesia, a newco formed by a joint venture between Autogrill's HmsHost International division and Taurus Gemilang, a major local operator of airport restaurants and other eateries.

The deals are expected to generate profits of $90 million between 2014 and 2018, Autogrill said. Autogrill is the world's largest player in the travel dining sector.

It is controlled with a 59% stake by the Edizione Holding investment vehicle of the Benetton family.

Autogrill runs operations in 40 different countries, primarily in Europe and North America, with over 250 licensed and proprietary brands.

Over 90% of the company's business derives from outlets in airport terminals and motorway service areas.