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Police seize 140,000 toxic crayons for kids from China

Contaminated products discovered before sale to school children

27 November, 15:18
Police seize 140,000 toxic crayons for kids from China (ANSA) - Trento, November 27 - A shipment of 140,000 toxic crayons manufactured in China and headed for sale to school children were seized Wednesday by Finance police in northern Italy.

Authorities said the crayons were to be sold in about 800 supermarkets and other retailers in the Trentino-Alto Adige area, and had been advertised in several promotional flyers.

However, tests showed the coloured crayons had been contaminated with a toxic industrial substance known as DEHP in levels almost three times more than the allowed level, police said.

The substance found in the crayons is known to delay the physical and mental development of children, and can damage their internal organs.

The importer, based in Reggio Emilia, faces charges related to selling unsafe toys.