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Gunman in Camorra murder of innocent man sentenced to life

Shot worker 14 times in case of mistaken identity

18 November, 15:04
Gunman in Camorra murder of innocent man sentenced to life (ANSA) - Naples, November 18 - A Naples court sentenced a mafia gunman to life in prison on Monday for killing an innocent man in a mistaken hit as part of a drug turf war last year.

Salvatore Baldassarre, 30, was arrested in March after being caught holed up in a flat outside Naples. On the night of October 15, 2012, Baldassare put 14 bullets into Pasquale 'Lino' Romano, 30, believing him to be a member of a rival clan.

Romano was on his way to a soccer match, leaving the same building where the intended target of the hit, Domenico Gargiulo, was inside. Police said Baldassare was caught on a wiretap telling a fellow member of his clan: "When I start shooting, I never stop".

The murder of Romano, a worker in a cable-making firm who was visiting his girlfriend that night, spurred street protests calling for more action against the Naples-based Camorra mafia.

Officials vowed to do more to combat turf wars that have reaped dozens of victims in the southern Italian city in the last five years.

Shortly before the sentence was read, Baldassare admitted to the killing and asked his family for forgiveness. Upon hearing his sentence, the shooter's parents and sister burst into tears inside the courtroom. Accomplices in the case were also sentenced Monday. Giovanni Marino, the driver of the getaway car, received 18 years and eight months. Anna Altamura, the woman who gave the shooter a green light to open fire with a text message, received 14 years, and her sons Carmine and Gaetano Annunziata received 16 years and 14 years respectively.