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OECD says Italy public managers best paid among 34 states

Senior government salaries almost three times next highest

14 November, 12:16
OECD says Italy public managers best paid among 34 states (ANSA) - Paris, November 14 - Senior government managers in recession-weary Italy are the highest paid among the 34 member States within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the agency reported Thursday.

Average salaries for senior Italian public-sector managers were, the equivalent of $650,000, almost three times the OECD average of $232,000, the Paris-based agency said.

Based on 2011 data, the Italian public-sector salaries were also far ahead of the second-highest paid, in New Zealand, where top public administrators' salaries averaged $397,000.

In the United Kingdom, the average was $348,000 annually followed by the United States, where the average salary was $275,000.

Back in the eurozone, a similar level director in France earned an average of $260,000 annually, while in Germany the average was $231,000.

The OECD report comes at a time when Italy is struggling to emerge from its worst recession in 20 years with rising unemployment, falling living standards and increasing levels of poverty.