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Teen Rome prostitutes had 20-30 clients, police say

'More underage girls involved than thought'

13 November, 14:21
Teen Rome prostitutes had 20-30 clients, police say (ANSA) - Rome, November 13 - Investigators on Wednesday revealed that more than just the two underage girls originally suspected were involved in prostitution in Rome, and that as many as 20-30 clients paid them for sex. The case made headlines last month when five men were arrested on suspicion of paying two prostitutes, aged 14 and 15, based in an apartment in the upscale Parioli neighborhood.

The girls studied at the same Rome high school and allegedly began working in May after being lured through a social network called 'Bakeca Incontri' (Meetings Bulletin Board).

Police did not quantify the additional suspected prostitutes, but added that they were likely friends of the original suspects. They allegedly went to school in the morning and worked in the afternoon, making up to 300 euros per client and used the money to supply their pimps, including one of their mothers, with drugs, according to police sources.

Police said Wednesday they have identified between 20 and 30 possible clients, most of whom were well-off.