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Residents of Milan, Rome among richest in Italy's big cities

Wealthiest people in the country live in Basiglio, near Milan

13 November, 18:41
(ANSA) - Rome, November 13 - Italy's business capital of Milan was the wealthiest major city in the country when measured by the average taxable income per capita, according to Finance department figures released Wednesday.

Rome ranked second among major centres, while further down the peninsula average incomes dropped, the 2011 tax figures showed.

The richest community in the country was Basiglio, located near Milan, with an average taxable income of 53,589 euros.

Milan led the big-city rankings with an average taxable income of 36,252 euros per citizen, followed by Rome with 30,543 euros on average.

Close behind was the city of Pavia, with an average per capita income of 30,308 followed by Padua at 29,914 euros; Treviso, at 29,645 euros; Siena, at 29,019 euros; Bologna, at 28,809 euros; Varese with 28,804 euros; Parma, with 28,436 euros; Cagliari, at 28,309 euros; Lecco at 28,246 euros; and Florence at 28,131 euros.

Further south, according to the statistics, the city of Lecce reported an average income of 26,835 euros; Bari, with 25,877 euros; Naples with 25,875 euros; and Palermo with 25,612 euros in average taxable income.