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McDonald's unveils Chianina burger

Made from same beef used in 'bistecca alla fiorentina' steak

12 November, 14:18
McDonald's unveils Chianina burger (ANSA) - Florence, November 12 - McDonald's unveiled a new hamburger for the Italian market Tuesday made 100% from prized Chianina beef. The Gran Chianina, made from the same cattle butchered for the famous 'bistecca alla fiorentina' steak, will be available Wednesday in all 470 McDonald's locations across the country for three weeks. Other ingredients for the burger, such as a walnut sauce, onion rings, lettuce and pecorino romano cheese, also come from Italian suppliers. The burger is being produced in partnership with the Consortium for the Protection of the White Central Apennine Steer and farmer's association Coldiretti.