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Ghanaian pickaxe murderer to get fast-track trial

Will only serve two-thirds of sentence if convicted

11 November, 16:17
Ghanaian pickaxe murderer to get fast-track trial (ANSA) - Milan, November 11 - A Milan judge on Monday ruled a Ghanaian immigrant who killed three people in a pickaxe rampage in Milan in May will undergo a fast-track trial, which under Italian law means the defendant will only serve two-thirds of his sentence if convicted.

In his May 11 spree, Mada 'Adam' Kabobo, 31, murdered a 64-year-old pensioner walking his dog; an unemployed 40-year-old standing outside a cafe; and a 21-year-old helping his father stack newspapers at their kiosk.

Two other people were injured in Kabobo's string of attacks, which lasted an hour before he was stopped by police.

He was judged fit to stand trial in early October despite telling psychiatrists voices from Africa told him to do it.

Psychiatrists told judges that while he suffers from ''schizophrenic psychosis'', Kabobo's ability to control his actions was ''greatly diminished but not totally absent''.

He was sufficiently ''able to understand'' what he was doing to face murder charges.

Kabobo, who had not sought treatment for mental problems, told police ''I never sleep''.

The Ghanaian, who has a criminal record, came to Italy illegally in 2011 and was later served an expulsion order.