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New rubbish tax to give 'up to 680% hike'

Average TARI-linked rise will be 290%, Confcommercio says

01 November, 10:45
New rubbish tax to give 'up to 680% hike' (ANSA) - Rome, November 1 - A new rubbish tax in the 2014 budget will hike costs by up to 600%, retail group Confcommercio said Friday.

The tax, TARI, will trigger an average rise of 290%, Confcommercio said.

The rise for bars will be 300% and 480% for restaurants.

Fruit-and-vegetable traders will see their rubbish bill rise by 650% and discotheques 680%.

The 2014 budget has been criticised for raising taxes and not cutting labour costs enough to stoke growth in an economy that has seen nine straight quarters of decline.

An unpopular property tax called IMU has been scrapped under pressure from ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi but has come back in various guises to avert a crisis in local-government finances.