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Protestors clash with police in Rome, officer injured

Demonstrators climb aboard armoured van

31 October, 13:41
Protestors clash with police in Rome, officer injured (ANSA) - Rome, October 31 - Police fired tear gas to dispel protestors on Thursday after clashing with them in central Rome.

The clashes ensued after officers tried to haul down protestors who attacked and climbed onto a police armoured van. One policeman was seen on the ground after injuring his leg amid the trouble and protestors trying to break through a police barricade sprayed pepper spray at officers.

The protestors, including people campaigning for more social housing and migrants, threw fruit and other objects at police cordons earlier in the day. There was trouble at a big demonstration by activists demanding better social housing earlier this month, but the full-blown riot that had been feared beforehand did not materialise.