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Police charge 14 with helping Camorra boss Panaro

False documents helped fugitive travel in Italy and beyond

22 October, 15:53
Police charge 14 with helping Camorra boss Panaro (ANSA) - Naples, October 22 - Fourteen people were arrested during early morning raids, accused of assisting a former fugitive Camorra mafia boss evade justice - even helping him to take a holiday in Monte Carlo, police said Tuesday.

Other charges were also laid against some of the group, accused of helping Nicola Panaro, a boss of the notorious Casalesi Camorra clan, evade police for seven years.

He was finally arrested in 2010.

The extremely violent Casalesi gang is especially notorious for its death threats that have forced anti-mafia writer Roberto Saviano into police protection.

Finance police were also seizing property, cars and other motor vehicles, and financial investments held by suspects.

During their investigation police used wiretaps and traced financial documents to try to track those who helped hide Panaro.

A city employee in San Cipriano d' Aversa, in Caserta province, is among those arrested, accused of issuing false identity cards to Panaro, his wife, and family members.

Such fake documents allowed the family to travel extensively within Italy, including vacations at a villa with a swimming pool in Cosenza province, as well as international holidays, such as the trip to Monte Carlo, police said.

Also arrested is the son of the owner of the building where the fugitive Panaro lived, and a technical expert who helped to sweep for police bugs and recording devices in order to evade capture.