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Priebke's son calls for burial 'even in Israel'

Rome refuses to host war criminal's funeral

14 October, 16:10
Priebke's son calls for burial 'even in Israel' (See related story) (ANSA) - Buenos Aires, October 14 - The son of Erich Priebke on Monday reacted angrily at the refusal of Italian church and civic officials to permit the Nazi war criminal and former SS officer be buried or receive a funeral on their turf in Rome.

Eric Priebke died in Rome at the age of 100 last week while serving a life-sentence for his role in a 1944 reprisal at a quarry known as the Ardeatine Caves outside Rome in which 335 men and boys, including 75 Jews, were massacred.

"Where should my father be buried? For me, even in Israel.

That way they'd be happy," said Jorge Priebke, speaking to ANSA by phone from his home in Bariloche, a town in the foothills of the Andes in southwestern Argentina.

"It is almost all an injustice. Why don't people don't look at what is happening in the Middle East, Syria, Iran or even to those poor people at Lampedusa who die in the Mediterranean? Why do they continue, instead, to pick on someone from a war era that ended more than 60 years ago?"