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Red Brigades tell TAV protestors to 'step forward'

Jailed terrorists see 'consonance' with rail-link movement

20 September, 18:38
Red Brigades tell TAV protestors to 'step forward' (ANSA) - Turin, September 20 - Jailed members of the so-called new Red Brigades terrorist group have called on activists trying to stop the TAV high-speed rail link to "take a step forward".

On Friday the interior ministry decided to deploy 200 more soldiers to the the area of the construction site of the TAV, which will connect Turin and Lyon, following a long series of violent protests, and incidents of arson and criminal damage.

"The TAV movement must take a step forward in political and organizational terms and assume the responsibilities, or go backwards," read a statement written by jailed terrorists Alfredo Davanzo and Vincenzo Sisi that was published on the Internet. The Red Brigades were responsible for numerous acts of terror during Italy's 'years of lead' of political violence in the 1970s and 1980s.

They kidnapped and then murdered former Italian premier Aldo Moro in 1978.

Various groups have tried to resurrect the Red Brigades, including the new Red Brigades, who killed government advisors Massimo D'Antona in 1999 and Marco Biagi in 2002.

Davanzo and Sisi said there was a "nice consonance" between the new Red Brigades and a group of anti-TAV activitist who have been indicted for violent clashes with the police in 2011. The Lyon-Turin high-speed link in the Susa Valley, a joint Italy-France project, has triggered protests throughout Italy for several years, some involving violent clashes with police, vandalism, threats and disruption of highway traffic.

Opponents say the project threatens sensitive environmental areas and will cost too much public money, while supporters argue it will cut down on vehicle traffic and pollution.

"The State will act as the State and the TAV will happen," Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said Friday.

"Criminals and terrorist bombers should resign themselves to accepting it".