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Roman ship from 2nd century BCE found off Genoa

'Perfectly intact, full of amphorae'

09 August, 15:06
Roman ship from 2nd century BCE found off Genoa (ANSA) - Alassio, August 9 - An intact Roman ship from the second century BCE has been discovered off the coast of Genoa. The vessel, which contains roughly 50 valuable amphorae, was spotted by police divers roughly one mile from the shore of Alassio, 50 meters underwater. Police were tipped off to the whereabouts of the boat during a yearlong investigation into purloined artefacts sold on the black market in northern Italy. "This is an exceptional find," said Colonel Francesco Schilardi. "Now our goal is to preserve the ship and keep thieves out. We are executing surveys and excavations to study the contents of the boat which is perfectly intact". The culture ministry said the ship should prove vital in shedding light on Rome's trade activity between the Italian peninsula, France and Spain.