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Riots, social unrest could hit southern Italy, governor says

Campania regional head warns of violence due to joblessness

23 July, 16:31
Riots, social unrest could hit southern Italy, governor says (ANSA) - Pompeii, July 23 - Social unrest and even rioting over the economic crisis and joblessness in Italy would likely begin in the poverty-stricken south, including Naples, Campania Regional Governor Stefano Caldoro said Tuesday.

Caldoro said he agreed with earlier forecasts of social uprisings made by Gianroberto Casaleggio, co-founder of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S).

"Riots and revolts will begin here in Naples and Campania," said Caldoro, adding that he was making "a political judgment".

He was reacting to comments by Casaleggio published during the weekend on the blog of M5S leader Beppe Grillo.

Casaleggio said that a coming economic shock to Italy would likely lead to unrest and violence, and called for significant change to the country's leadership.

Caldoro's comments came the same day that the association of Italian chambers of commerce (Unioncamere) and the Labour Ministry warned that Italy will suffer a net loss of 250,000 private-sector jobs this year.

Italy's unemployment level climbed to a new record high of 12.2% in May, national statistics agency Istat said, with 3.14 million people out of work.

Joblessness is particularly bad among young Italians, with around four in 10 under-25s out of work.