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Medieval area of Roman Imperial Forum uncovered

Structures included homes and blacksmith's workshop

23 July, 18:24
Medieval area of Roman Imperial Forum uncovered (ANSA) - Rome, July 23 - Medieval remains in the Imperial Forum that include a workshop are most likely from the 8th century AD, archaeologists from Rome's Roma Tre university said on Tuesday. "The remains found in the Temple of Peace (Tempio della Pace) area are probably related to blacksmith activity," professor Riccardo Santangeli Valenzani said.

Another area from the Middle Ages, dating back to approximately the 14th century AD, was most likely a housing complex or residential area, Valenzani said.

The university project in collaboration with Rome's archeological superintendency was "dedicated to understanding the transformations of monuments after the fall of the Roman Empire, from the sixth century to the Middle Ages," Valenzani said.