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Italy set for net loss of 250,000 jobs this year

750,000 new hires, but one million set to leave labour market

23 July, 12:59
Italy set for net loss of 250,000 jobs this year (ANSA) - Rome, July 23 - Recession-hit Italy is set to suffer a net loss of 250,000 jobs in the private sector this year, according to figures released Tuesday by the association of Italian chambers of commerce (Unioncamere) and the Labour Ministry.

According to the data, there will be 750,000 new hires in 2013 in the industry and service sectors, but almost one million people will leave the labour market because of redundancies, dismissals and retirements. The level of new recruitment was 112,000 lower than in 2012.

Italy's unemployment level climbed to a new record high of 12.2% in May, national statistics agency Istat said, with 3.14 million people out of work.

Joblessness is particularly bad among young Italians, with around four in 10 under-25s out of work.