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Rare zebra-donkey mix born in Florence animal reserve

The zonkey named Ippo only one in Italy

22 July, 20:22
Rare zebra-donkey mix born in Florence animal reserve (ANSA) - Florence, July 22 - A Florence animal reserve said on Monday that a rare mix between a zebra and donkey born several days earlier is in good health.

The zonkey named Ippo is the foal of an endangered donkey breed from Amiata and a zebra that was adopted by the center after it was confiscated from a failing zoo.

Many of the animals adopted by the Florence animal reserve run by the Aglietti family have been seized by police from private zoos throughout Italy, including a camel, parrots and a racehorse that was destined to be butchered.

"Ippo is the only one of his kind in Italy," Serena Aglietti said.

Reportedly there are other zonkeys in Germany, China and Georgia.

Ippo was not bread intentionally, but is the product of the zebra's determination after he climbed a protective fence to get to the donkey, the reserve managers said.