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Racist leaflets attacking Kyenge in Cortona

Member of far-right signs leaflets against cabinet minister

22 July, 20:10
Racist leaflets attacking Kyenge in Cortona (ANSA) – Cortona, July 22 – Another attack was reported Monday against Italy's first black cabinet minister, in the form of racist leaflets spread around the Tuscan town of Cortona.

The leaflets attacking Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge were signed by Mauro Turenci, former member of the MSI, a right-wing political movement.

Cortona's mayor Andrea Vignini quickly dissociated the community from the leaflets, saying such writings have no place in the popular tourist town.

Turenci's flyer said Kyenge should leave on a basket of bananas.

Kyenge has been the victim of numerous racial slurs and attacks since her cabinet appointment in April.