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Italian motorway gas stations declare three-day strike

Protest against high prices

28 June, 18:30
Italian motorway gas stations declare three-day strike (ANSA) - Rome, June 28 - Italian freeway gas stations said Friday they will hold a three-day strike next month to protest against the high prices set by fuel companies.

Service-station industry groups Faib Confesercenti, Fegica Cisl and Anisa Confcommercio announced in a joint statement that motorway service stations will lock their pumps from 22:00 on July 16 to 6:00 on July 19. ''Freeway and petroleum companies are fighting over the fuel 'spoils' on the freeway, with the complicity of the silence of the industry minister,'' the service station groups complained.

Meanwhile service station ''managers are being fired and consumers are paying for the most expensive gasoline in Europe,'' the statement said.