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Northern League delegation visits crammed immigrant centre

Accomodation made for 300 people filled with 1,000 in Lampedusa

19 June, 14:25
Northern League delegation visits crammed immigrant centre (ANSA) - Palermo, June 19 - A delegation of Northern League parliamentarians on Wednesday travelled to the southern Italian island of Lampedusa for a surprise inspection of an immigrant holding centre. ''After the many landings of illegal immigrants yesterday and this morning we want to check the situation'', said deputy House whip Matteo Bragantini, who will be visiting the centre with another four MPs with the Northern League, a conservative party which often adopts extreme stances on migration issues. ''According to the latest press reports, there are allegedly over 1,000 people at the holding centre which is made to accommodate no more than 300''.

The Lampedusa centre was holding 1,150 people on Wednesday after another 97 immigrants arrived during the morning. Hundreds of immigrants in the past few days have been rescued or landed along Lampedusa's coast as warm weather has brought calmer seas. Reports on Wednesday said 200 immigrants who arrived in Lampedusa in recent days will be flown from the southern island to a centre in Cagliari, Sardinia.