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Prostitute's purse robbed by soccer player on bike

Chased down by transsexual, 'promised to pay with iPhone 5'

22 April, 16:39
Prostitute's purse robbed by soccer player on bike (ANSA) - Lecce, April 22 - A Lecce soccer player was charged Monday for stealing a purse from a prostitute and fleeing by bicycle after reneging on a deal to give her his iPhone 5 for sex. Ousmane Drame', a French national and striker for the third-division club, was reportedly chased down by a transsexual friend of the robbed Nigerian streetwalker after the incident early Monday. Police also charged Drame' with injuring the transsexual when he allegedly tripped him as he tried to wrest the purse from his hands. Lecce, which was relegated to the third division from Serie A after a betting scandal last year, said it would consider dropping Drame' from the side and suing him for "damage to its reputation" if the charges are upheld in court.