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Bonino heads polls for next Italian president

SWG survey says Radical Party member top with 16% support

12 April, 11:23
Bonino heads polls for next Italian president (ANSA) - Rome, April 12 - Radical Party heavyweight Emma Bonino has risen to the top as the preferred candidate to fill the position of Italian president, with institutional fixer Gianni Letta close behind, according to the Trieste-based pollster SWG on Friday.

Some 16% of those surveyed, up one point from last week, said that they would like to see Bonino, a former European commissioner, as head of state.

Ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's long-time right-hand man Letta came in second place with 8% saying they would choose him.

One percentage point lower, tied at 7%, are Berlusconi, former centre-left premier Romano Prodi and Constitutional lawyer Stefano Rodota'. Some 5% said that outgoing Premier Mario Monti would be their choice and 4% said that the current head of state, Giorgio Napolitano, should stay put.

Napolitano's seven-year term ends May 15 and he has said that he would not seek re-election.