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Benedict accused of inaction in priest sex abuse in Italy

'Predator was moved to another parish, never reported'

04 March, 17:28
Benedict accused of inaction in priest sex abuse in Italy (ANSA) - Savona, March 4 - Victims of pedophilia have appeared on Italian television with accusations that Benedict XVI knew of several cases of priest sex abuse in northern Italy while a high-ranking cardinal at the Vatican but never did anything about it. The accusers, who made their statements Sunday on Italian television program Le Iene, said that the Vatican failed to press charges against several priests in the city of Savona who victimized minors 10 years ago when then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was cardinal-prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, whose role required investigating the sexual abuse of minors by priests. Presented as evidence on the program was a letter dated September 8, 2003 and addressed to Ratzinger in which Savona Bishop Domenico Calcagno, now a cardinal at the Vatican, informed him of a priest named Nello Giraudo who had been accused of pedophilia.

The priest, who was later transferred to another parish, was sentenced to one year in jail last year.