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Police arrest man in Camorra beach murder probe

Witness could be charged with obstruction

20 February, 18:05
Police arrest man in Camorra beach murder probe (ANSA) - Rome, February 20 - Police arrested a man on Wednesday they say was a witness to the Camorra gang murder last August on a beach in Terracina.

Gaetano Marino, 48, considered a leading figure in the deadly Camorra gang, was killed in a burst of gunfire on August 23. Clad only in bathing trunks, he was killed after walking into the Serenella beach resort in the coastal town of Terracina in front of terrified beach-goers.

Terracina is about 80 kilometres southeast of Rome.

Now police say they have arrested a friend of the victim, and likely witness, and have charged him with aiding and abetting the murder and obstructing the investigation by refusing to tell all that he knew about the murder.

The 31-year-old man, who lives in Naples, is not believed to be affiliated with any gang but instead shared a passion for fireworks with Marino and was likely the last person to speak to him before his execution.

Though the man initially denied any involvement, wiretaps told a different story, police say. One of the reported motives for the slaying of Gaetano Marino and the murder one month later of his brother Raffaele Abete, could be an internal gang power struggle.