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Strasbourg court rejects Italy appeal on reproduction rights

Court of human rights won't change decision to strike down law

11 February, 18:50
Strasbourg court rejects Italy appeal on reproduction rights (ANSA) - Strasbourg, February 11 - Italy's bid to appeal a ruling last summer striking down parts of its restrictive reproductive law was rejected Monday by the European Court of Human Rights, sources tell ANSA.

Italy had asked for a review of a judgement made by the court last August.

In that judgement the court, based in Strasbourg, said parts of Law 40 that forbid families from screening embryos for ailments were too restrictive and violated the rights of an Italian couple that wanted to screen for cystic fibrosis.

However, the remaining elements of the law still ban the use of embryos for scientific research.

Last summer's ruling had been cheered by scientists and supporters of the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) process.

The four-year-old law had led to many infertile Italian couples seeking treatment in fertility clinics abroad.