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Secret weapons factory discovered in Reggio Calabria

007-like guns hidden in umbrellas and walking sticks

05 February, 15:28
Secret weapons factory discovered in Reggio Calabria (ANSA) - Reggio Calabria, February 5 - Italian police on Tuesday uncovered a workshop in Reggio Calabria where umbrellas and walking sticks were transformed into disguised guns.

Police found the arsenal in the workshop of Antonio Fiore, 65, already known to authorities. Fiore was arrested for manufacturing and possessing clandestine weapons however was granted house arrest due to severe health problems. Aside from the disguised guns, police also found walking sticks with extractable blades hidden inside as well as various cartridges and tools.

The weapons were taken to police labs in order to determine their lethality.

Investigations continue into whether the weapons were destined for organized criminal gangs.