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Balotelli's younger brother convicted in fight with police

Enock Barwuah gets suspended sentence for barroom brawl

28 January, 18:51
Balotelli's younger brother convicted in fight with police (ANSA) - Brescia, January 28 - Enock Barwuah, younger brother of Manchester United striker Mario Balotelli, was sentenced to four months in jail Monday for resisting a public officer and violence. Barwuah, 19, was arrested last month and accused of assaulting three police officers called to break up a fight at a bar in Bagnolo Mella, in the province of Brescia.

Barwuah's sentence was suspended for one year, "a benefit granted very rarely," his lawyer Alessandro Bertoli said.

Barwuah was also ordered to pay damages of 600 euros to one injured police officer, 2,000 euros to another officer more seriously hurt, and 250 euros in damages to a vehicle.

Bertoli said Barwuah had hoped to be acquitted on the charges, stemming from an incident shortly before Christmas, but is still satisfied with the sentence.

An appeal is still being considered, although Bertoli said that it may be strategically smarter to just accept the sentence and ask that his criminal record be cleared after one year.