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Police, protesters clash at Monti's railroad unveiling

'We must overcome kneejerk resistance' says premier

14 January, 14:20
Police, protesters clash at Monti's railroad unveiling (ANSA) - Turin, January 14 - Clashes between police and protesters broke out on Monday in Turin where Italian Premier Mario Monti was unveiling a piece of a controversial high-speed rail line that will link Italy to France. One demonstrator was hospitalized for a cut to his head and one policeman received first aid, while a number of protesters were cited for disorderly conduct. The high-speed rail line, known in Italy as the TAV, will eventually connect Turin to Lyon.

It has sparked years of protests, sometimes violent, from locals concerned over the environmental and financial cost, and activists from both countries have joined forces to block the multi-billion-euro project, to little avail. "We must overcome kneejerk resistance, that have on some occasions blocked infrastructure progress that is important to the transport system and the competitiveness of our country," said Monti at the inauguration of the Porta Susa international rail hub.