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Founder of anti-racket association attempts suicide

Dire financial situation thought to be to blame

04 January, 12:16
Founder of anti-racket association attempts suicide (ANSA) - Milan, January 4 - The founder of an anti-racket association was receiving hospital treatment on Friday after trying to take his own life.

Frediano Manzi, founder of 'Sos racket e usura' (SOS racket and usury), was found by Carabinieri police in his apartment near Milan after slitting his wrists. The gesture was thought to be linked to Manzi's reported ''desperate economic situation'' and he said he had had to close two commercial activities just the day before. For the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta mafia crime syndicate he was 'a dead man walking', Manzi said. Prosecutors have been able to open several important investigations particularly into organised crime and corruption as a result of reports made by Sos racket e usura. However recently the association's founder was convicted of staging an arson attack.