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Berlusconi says could tour Italy if TV appearances limited

Former premier speaks to regional Alto Adige channel

28 December, 17:24
Berlusconi says could tour Italy if TV appearances limited (ANSA) - Bolzano, December 28 - Ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi said he could take to the roads of Italy to seek direct contact with his potential electorate in the lead-up to the February general elections if he is forced to reduce the number of his television appearances. "I am concentrating on my television appearances", Berlusconi said. "If these are reduced to a small number of transmissions, I think I will make a small tour of Italy". Berlusconi made the comments during a phone interview with a journalist from Tca-Alto Adige television on whether he planned to visit the Alto Adige region during his electoral campaign. Earlier this month Italian state broadcaster RAI said it had granted Berlusconi airwave space on a series of channels in the past few days, and that it would be offering similar media exposure to other political candidates for the upcoming elections. RAI and other Italian broadcasters are committed to offering the most important political parties in the nation relatively equal visibility under the so-called "Par Condicio" or "Fairness" (equal time) rule.