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Human-trafficking charges brought against Moroccan women

Sisters brought teenagers to Bologna, claimed as own children

27 December, 17:29
Human-trafficking charges brought against Moroccan women (ANSA) - Rome, December 27 - Human-trafficking charges have been brought against two sisters from Morocco accused of bringing two teenagers into Italy and claiming them as their children.

Police arrested the two women at the Marconi airport in Bologna after they arrived Wednesday evening on a flight from Casablanca with a boy aged 12 and a girl of about 15.

Police say the women, 37 and 47 years old, produced documents to support their claims that these were their children and all were returning to their home in the northwestern Piedmont region.

Police became suspicious because the photos on the children's documents didn't quite match their features.

The women may have been planning to put the children up for illegal adoption, police said.