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Priest calls women to 'self-examination' for femicide

'How often do they provoke?' asks flyer posted in church

26 December, 18:48
Priest calls women to 'self-examination' for femicide (ANSA) - Turin, December 26 - A flyer displayed on a church bulletin board by a priest in the northern region of Liguria, and then subsequently posted on the social network Facebook by outraged members of the congregation, has caused an uproar for allegedly "encouraging" violence against women.

The priest from the San Terenzo church in the town of Lerici, father Piero Corsi, entitled the leaflet "Women and femicide - healthy self-criticism. How often do they provoke?".

The lengthy discussion written by Corsi asks if men are just "randomly crazy, or are they pushed?".

"The fact is that women are increasingly the cause...and end up exacerbating tensions by leaving children to themselves, keep dirty houses, put cold dishes on the table, buy fast food and provide filthy clothes. So if a family goes to the dogs and is pushed to crime (violence must be condemned and punished firmly) often the responsibilities are shared". The bulletin also examines sexual violence against women, noting that women and girls often "go around dressed provocatively".

Maria Gabriella Carnieri Moscatelli, president of the Italian emergency hotline Telefono Rosa said on Wednesday that the flyer was a "true instigation to violence against women" and called for both Premier Mario Monti and Pope Benedict XVI to speak out against the message.

According to the association, sexual violence causes more fatalities among women in Italy than cancer and is most often committed by a spouse or former partner.

"Italy has the highest percent of femicide in Europe...a message like this (by Corsi) is unacceptable," Moscatelli said.