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Centre leaders endorse Monti agenda

Montezemolo, Casini, Riccardi hold summit

24 December, 15:40
Centre leaders endorse Monti agenda (ANSA) - Rome, December 24 - Centrist Italian business and political leaders expressed full support for outgoing Italian Premier Mario Monti's reform agenda after reviewing the document in a summit on Monday. The group consisted of Ferrari Chairman Luca de Montezemolo, Minister of International Cooperation and Integration Andrea Riccardi - a member of Premier Mario Monti's technical cabinet and the founder of the Sant'Egidio Catholic activist and crisis-resolution association - and the head of the small centrist Catholic UDC party, Pier Ferdinando Casini.

The leaders of the "new centre" had already expressed full support for Monti's Sunday speech, in which the technocrat premier delivered a two-hour account of progress made over his tenure, and stated his intention to promote a platform rather than his own candidacy - without ruling out standing if enough support was mustered - in upcoming elections slated for the end of February.

photo: Montezemolo (right) and Casini