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Daily wages for women in Italy 28% less than for men

Highest daily earnings in northwest of country

18 December, 17:44
Daily wages for women in Italy 28% less than for men (ANSA) - Rome, December 18 - Men and women in Italy continued to earn significantly different amounts in 2011 according the the annual report on social cohesion presented by the Italian statistics agency Istat on Tuesday. Last year workers - with the exception of domestic workers - earned an average of 85.80 euros a day, the study said.

However, there was a 28% difference between average men's and women's wages, respectively at 96.90 euros and 69.50 euros per day.

The highest daily earnings were to be found in the northwest of the country, with an average for men and women of 93.90 euros, and the lowest in the south, at 73.20 euros, and on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia at 71.90 euros. Wages varied hugely according to age group, with those under 24 earning around half as much as workers over 50 years old, and according to qualification, with managers earning on average around four times as much as apprentices.