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Activists blitz Federfauna headquarters over 'Hitler Award'

Association under fire for prize

22 November, 16:10
Activists blitz Federfauna headquarters over 'Hitler Award' (ANSA) - Bologna, November 22 - Animal rights activists protesting the Association of Animal Breeders and Traders Federfauna's plans to grant a 'Hitler Award' hung banners in front of the group's headquarters overnight Wednesday.

Signs with photos of animals in cages read "Federfauna, you should give a medal to your members. They truly deserve it".

Federfauna said that the Hitler Award, to be presented Saturday at a press conference, is for a "personality who has distinguished himself as an animal rights advocate".

Adolf Hitler was said to be an avid animal rights supporter, limiting hunting and regulating the transportation of livestock and known for his personal affection for animals.

"The Nazis of today are hunters and farmers who kill for the sake of killing, who shoot the defenseless and who enslave millions of living beings for dirty profits, commercially exploiting every part of their bodies," said a press release by the animal rights association 100% Animalisti.

William Michelini, president of Italy's historic partisan association Anpi, called on Federfauna to cancel the award, calling it "absolutely unacceptable from every point of view". "How could you honor the creator of Nazism with such flippancy?," Michelini said.